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Samantha Lee


Shahnnen Head


My husband and I own a vineyard just outside of White Salmon, WA. We saw a crew doing utility work near our property yesterday and encouraged them to dump the wood chips into our compost pile. They haven't -- or at least not yet -- but we're still very interested. There's a gravel road all the way from the county road to our compost pile that can handle large trucks, and we can take as many loads as you can deliver. Please give me a call and I'll provide detailed instructions, including the gate code and a map with directions. Feel free to email me if that's easier. Thank you!

Erin Wood


Urgently looking for one or two loads of mixed chips for mud control, easily accessible drop location, more than happy to pay fuel charge as needed, and interested in future loads in same location up to several times a year.



That's my address: 206 Pecks drive, Everett 98203

Unloading area is delimited by green tomato poles. If there is not enough space, wood chips can be unloaded in the area between green tomato poles and the rain garden (I am working remotely so I should be at home when your truck is here).

Thank you,
Sara Malizia

Brooke Benson


No special instructions. We want them dumped in our driveway. A dump truck was able to access it after we had trees pruned in our yard. Thanks!

Loretta Groen


Right on any lawn area. Long driveway gives the driver many choices and plenty of room to maneuver. I'll be putting them all over, so I don't care where a pile is placed. Front or back of property.

Aline Bright


Please leave a message on the phone as we don’t pick up unless we hear a real person. But no need to talk to anyone we are happy to get chips anywhere that is not blocking the driveway. Chips can be dropped anywhere off the gravel. we are having a wedding this summer and are desperate to beautify the landscape! Thank you so much for your consideration!

Troy Tobey


If by large vehicle you mean a tractor trailer, that would be some work, but a run of the mill chip truck. No problem. Easy in easy out, mud free.

Eric Waks


There are 2 dump sites, one prior to driveway as you approach and the other is down a private drive at the back of the porperty. Can take up to 100 yards

Cat Snapp


You can dump in the grass between the 2 houses. You are able to turn around in this area as well. I can take as many loads as you can bring!

Justin Evans


Easy dump truck access, Please call before delivery, so I can open access gates. Thank you!

Harmony Holland


There is a large blank patch of ground on the left side of the driveway that is available for chip drop and truck/ trailer turn around. If a call is given ahead of time we can move our vehicles for even more access for vehicle turn around/ chip drop.



I will use wood chips in my rain garden.
Loading area is delimited by green tomato poles.
Thank you,

Jerrad Brace


We are interested in having some wood chips delivered to our location. We are located near Les Schwab in Stanwood. We would only need about one end dump and have a great area to dump the material. Thank you for your time. Please let us know.

Mary Swanson


Alina Lein


Along the side of the house will be a driveway. This will give access to the back of the house & driveway to the garage. Feel free to dump in front of the garage. Thank you!

Diane Tinsley


Place in driveway close to the raised garden

Samantha Thorning


Dannie Wit


Please drop to the right of the covered wood pile. THANK YOU!



Hello! I'm in White Salmon, WA, Klickitat County. I heard you are the contractor for our area. I would love to have 3-4 full loads. I have an area that is easy backup and unload. Please call or text me for further info. I will place a sign out to show where to unload, but you can see where I've had wood chips delivered in the past.

Ken Harrison


Please dump the chips in front of our RV so our garage isn’t blocked.

Dawn Reilly


Call to schedule drop. Home most the time.

Debra Hanson


Hi Kemp West Staff,
The Angel Morgan P-Patch would love a pile of chips.
We would also love a pile at the alley of 3938 S. Morgan St
And neighbors may also want to share a pile again this year.
Thank you!
Debra Hanson
cell # 206 954-6221. (the number above is a house phone)

Josh Polansky


Today October 9 I noticed a Kemp West crew working about two miles from my house where we would like wood chips. They could deliver them today if chips are not already assigned. We could also take chips at another time. Chips can be dumped in our driveway off 55th Ave SW. please call me with any questions.

Daniel Morrison