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Kemp West team discusses safety standards


Our Safety Standards

Why choose Kemp West? For 35 years, Kemp West has been a trusted partner with power companies in Washington State. We provide a depth of experience.

Safety Culture

Safety is at the forefront of all work planning and projects. Our strong safety culture is supported by a comprehensive, ongoing program. Following are aspects of our safety program, and ways that we train team members and engage with the topic of safety and create greater situational awareness:

What We Do

  • Line Clearance Tree Trimmers undergo a two-year apprenticeship program. As journeymen, they are professionals who possess both high levels of technical
    competence and safety skills.
  • ALL employees are certified in first aid and emergency response.
  • Safety Committee members elected by their peers meet monthly to discuss reported near misses and select topics.
  • Crew starts their day with a job-specific safety briefing, as well as during the day if conditions change.
  • Monthly crew level safety meetings by selected topics.
  • New employee safety orientation and assessment of competency for entry-level tasks prior to starting work.
  • Supervisors perform job site safety assessments on a random basis.
  • Annual company-wide safety day to spot light safety and bring in safety experts for intensive, hazard-specific training.
  • Certified mechanics are always on call to respond to mechanical concerns.
  • All aerial equipment undergoes annual, third-party safety inspections which include dielectric and load testing.
  • All equipment is under the care of a fleet manager for scheduled maintenance and repair.
  • All employees can report equipment and safety concerns directly to company headquarters using a cloud-based platform.

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