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Matching the equipment to the job



Matching the equipment to the job

Matching the right equipment to the job is critical for safety, productivity, and meeting the standards of the industry. Over the years, we have acquired highly specialized tools to do our work – aerial bucket trucks to 97’ of working height, loaders, brush mowers, all-terrain “spyder” excavators, chippers, and grinders.

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Kaiser All Terrian Excavator

In areas too steep or challenging for conventional equipment, Kemp West offers the Kaiser Spyder, All Terrain Excavator. The Spyder is designed for low ground impact and can travel on 100% slopes. On level ground, it travels at 6.2 mph and can “climb” over 5-foot barriers. It can also narrow to 7 feet; and with biodegradable hydraulic fluid, safely work in over 5 feet of water.

The following attachments are available:

  • Digging buckets of various sizes
  • 360-degree rotation grapple bucket
  • Heavy duty, brush cutter head for trees up to 12 inches in diameter
  • Brush cutter head for light brush and grasses

Right-of-Way Clearing and Trimming Equipment

Kemp West maintains an expansive fleet of specialty equipment to meet the demands of the industry.

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Specialized Equipment

Having the right equipment to meet the unique demands of each job has always been a source of pride for Kemp West teams. We are always quick to add to our fleet when we discover equipment or tools that make the job safer, easier, and more satisfying.

Kemp West has a large fleet of modern, well-maintained utility equipment. All on-road equipment is equipped with GPS tracking. Tracking pinpoints each unit’s physical location, as well as provides multiple reporting capabilities including maintenance and repair support alerts sent directly to the company mechanics.

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