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Line Clearance Tree Trimming

About Our Line Clearance Services

Kemp West’s utility line services are made up of safety-minded, highly trained professionals. Your customers count on you for reliable power; you can count on us to partner with you and use our resources and decades of experience to deliver results.

Whether it is distribution line trimming in a big city or transmission work in the mountains, we have the equipment and expertise to provide solutions for the specific needs of your system

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Integrated Vegetation Management

About Our Vegetation Management Services

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) is a strategy that aims to reduce vegetation management costs as well as risks to the environment and human health. Control techniques used include mechanical and manual control, such as mowing and hand cutting; Cultural and biological controls used work to modify habitats to discourage undesirable vegetation and to establish and manage desirable plant communities. Herbicides applied work to control targeted vegetation with the intention that desirable vegetation will be left in place to expand and occupy new and open spaces.

We have the experience and resources to properly apply a combination of these cost-effective right-of-way management approaches.

Chainsaw cutting through log during vegetation management

Right-of-Way Clearing

About Our Right-of-Way Clearing Services

When it comes to clearing right of ways, we have specialized equipment and over 35 years of experience to do the work efficiently and with low environmental impact. Our work has included clearing for electric and gas utilities, highways, municipalities, military sites, and general construction. Our all-terrain excavator mowers give us the ability to clear steep slopes without the risks associated with manual clearing. And if clearing requires tree removal, our tree experts are available to help as needed. If power lines are present, our certified line clearance tree trimmers can be called in to help as well.

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