Land Clearing

The Spyder, your land clearing solution…

move in only one machine to clear your site.

  • Mulches brush and trees to 12” in diameter
  • No need to haul material off site save trucking and disposal fees
  • Mulch can be left on site to decompose or to be incorporated into the soil
  • Cost effective, high production clearing – one acre plus per day
  • Easy to get Spyder to job site
  • Unload anywhere and Spyder travels to site on roads etc at 6.2 mph
  • Reclaim overgrown property without scraping soils and pushing debris into piles
  • Clear selectively – Spyder can leave selected trees and desirable vegetation
  • Mulcher attachment with “thumb” lifts logs and heavy materials for relocating or hauling off site
  • Steep, swampy terrain is no problem as the Spyder adjusts to slopes of 100% (45°)
  • Spyder can climb, unassisted, over guard rails and other obstructions
New Mexico